A Day to Pray


Along with all communities and organisations throughout Orkney, the UK and indeed the rest of the world, we are finding ways to stay connected with those we have been used to seeing in friendship and fellowship over the years. Today has been designated as “A Day to Pray” by the National Assembly of the the Bahá’ís of the UK and along with other Bahá’í communities and their friends far and near, we have been making a special effort to connect and share prayers and meditations together through online Video meetings, phone calls and other social media. Our online meeting in Orkney this morning brought together friends from within and Orkney and beyond, and we enjoyed sharing prayers and music in four languages – English, German, Italian and Spanish (not to say Orcadian!) Along with prayers, we shared some beautiful and inspiring poetry and music.

We will be continuing to hold our Saturday and Sunday devotional circles online at 11.00am on both days. If you would like to join, to say a prayer or share a poem or mindful text, or just to listen, drop us a line at enquiries@bahaisoforkney.org . You will be very welcome!

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