The Bahá’í Centre

..this institution, whether local or national, will … symbolize, in a befitting manner, the ideal of service animating the Baha'i community in its relation alike to the Faith and to mankind in general." (Shoghi Effendi,the Guardian of the Bahá'í Faith)

InchvannieWe are very proud in Orkney of being the only Bahá'í community in Scotland besides Edinburgh to have a Bahá'í Centre. Our Centre in Old Scapa Road serves as a focal point for meetings and activities run by the Bahá'í community and other groups with similar interests and values. While not exclusively a place of worship (such as a church, temple, or mosque) it is often used for devotional as well as public meetings, and is intended to serve as a resource not only for the local Bahá'í community but for the Orkney community as a whole.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAWhile Bahá'í activity must take priority, the Bahá'í community in Orkney is keen to encourage the appropriate use of the building and it is available for any groups or organizations to use in the service of the Orkney community as long as they concord with the broad social and humanitarian principles embraced by Bahá'í teachings. Organizations that have used the Bahá'í Centre from time to time include Ecumenical groups, the Roman Catholic Church, the Orkney Interfaith group, Schools groups, NHS Orkney, Orkney Diabetic Association, Kirkwall City Pipe Band learner group and other musical groups and ensembles.

If you would like to visit the Bahá'í Centre or would like to enquire about using it as a venue for an event or meeting, please contact us and we will do what we can to accommodate you.

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4 thoughts on “The Bahá’í Centre

  1. Aloha from just up the street, via Maui, Hawaii! My name is Claire, and I would love to visit with you, chat and share a bit of tea, if ever you are open to meeting in Kirkwall or at your Centre. I am here sharing Core Clarity: Regenerative Healing Circles based on 7 years' training with Ger Lyons, Thank you for having a centre here, as one of my best friends on Maui, Warren Haynes is a Bahai follower. Aloha, Claire

    PS:…I am living in St. Ola, so I walk by your place every day!

    Mobile: 07554137277

  2. I need to tell you something.

    You have posted on You Tube a recording of Baha'u'llah's Long Healing Prayer at I see it is dated May 17th, 2014.

    My wife, Gail, is coping with stage three cancer in her chest. She currently is undergoing chemotherapy with all the discomforts and longsuffering that entails. You will understand that, even in good health as I am, I am suffering with her as she faces this ordeal day after day.

    But, you, in that faraway island, are touching her life, and mine.

    It is a gentle comfort to her that each night I turn on a laptop computer by her bed with a small pair of speakers, and the soft sound of that prayer, playing in a loop, being patienly recited in an Orkney accent and the surf faintly audible behind, soothes her to sleep as it plays again and again into the small  hours. I'm sure it touches her thoughts and spirit even in slumber.

    It gives me some peace of mind knowing that is there for her in a way I could never replicate or sustain. There is something like a canopy of spirit in the room which comforts me as I recognize how much it comforts her.

    I want you to know what you have provided is far more than a pleasant spiritual expression at some disinterested address in cyberspace. At least for two people, you have channeled something angelic into two needy hearts and soulfully connected with two Baha'is in a faraway land.

    Do I seem a little mushy as I search for the right words to write this? Okay. So what? This is the truth.

    Thank you, Baha'is of Orkney. The Almighty surely sees this good thing you do.

    D. L. Drong

  3. Thank you for the moving recitation of the Long Healing Prayer posted on YouTube. Allah'u'Abha.                           Evelyn Raezer. Idaho   USA

  4. Hello, my mother Susan visits Orkney every year snd camps on your grounds. I’m sure you are aware that she is vulnerable, this year she has developed a chest infection, not Covid. No amount of persuasion will make her stay at home.
    Please convince her to stay within the centre or a building, she’s now 65 and im deeply concerned for her health.
    Im in Cambridgeshire England.

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