Celebrations and Anniversaries

Badi Calendar

 The Bahá'í calendar includes nine "Holy Days" which are of particular significance to the Bahá'í community and which are marked by devotional gatherings or celebrations. These include the Bahá'í new year, ("Naw Ruz") and the anniversaries of the birth and death of the founders of the Bahá'í Faith, as well as other dates of particular significance in Bahá'í history. Often the Bahá'ís in Orkney meet together with friends to mark these occasions, which take place on particular days of the year. Along with all the events displayed on our website, anyone is welcome to attend if they would like to join us. (There are a few regular meetings, such as administrative meetings, which are meant only for Bahá'ís, but these are not displayed on our website.) If you would like to know more about Bahá'í celebrations, you can read more here.

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