At the Bahá’í Centre on April 24th, Pat Morrissey, a member of the Bahá’í community of Stirling, will be speaking about Spiritual Journeys. The topic of this latest instalment in the local Bahá’í presentation is “an important topic to discuss, because it reminds us that the commonalities of all faith groups and religious traditions are far stronger than the apparent differences between them”, explains Pat.
Pat, who is a former editor of the UK Bahá’í Journal, will examine the fact that “all the great religious traditions have associations with special ‘Spiritual Journeys’, sometimes as pilgrimages, sometimes as diasporas, and sometimes as exiles”.
His presentation will be illustrated with images from the Middle East, Palestine and Iran and will look in detail at the enforced journeys of the Founder of the Bahá’í Faith and how it relates to Biblical Scripture. With his wife, Pat runs fortnightly “Sacred Space” devotional meetings in Stirling. Open to all, the meetings regularly attract members of other faith communities, featuring discussions ranging from “Community” to “Prayer”.
While in Orkney, he plans to host similar meetings on Friday 17th, Tuesday 21st and Thursday 23rd April, all at the Bahá’í Centre, 3 Old Scapa Road, Kirkwall
at 7.30 pm. A keen photographer, Pat is looking forward to his return visit to Orkney, which is home to close, long-standing friends of his.

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  1. Loving Bahai greetings from Gibraltar to all our friends in the Orkney Islands and wishing you all the best in your forth coming presentation, Art and the Universe and Everything by Keith Mellard.

     I think it must of been in 1985 and living in Allerton Bywater a mining village in west Yorkshire but working in Barnsley.  It was then that I had the good fortune or one might say a blessing from God to meet with Berus and Avon, and though them I was introduced to Keith, his wife Audrey and their daughter whom where livening in Selby, Yorkshire at that time.

     It was after travelling to their home in Selby and spending some memorable evenings discussing the Bahá’í Faith with them and others I declared. I still to this today have and count as treasured possessions a green prayer book and a copy of Baha'u'llah and the New Era by John E. Esslemont signed by them.

    I have not seen heard from them since but have often thought fondly of them so please pass on my deepest love and regards.

    Yours in Faith Trevor a pioneer in Gibraltar for the last 20 years.

  2. Dear Trevor,

    So nice to hear from you after all these years, and we hope that you and yours are well.. Audrey thinks that you would been to our place when we did a special '9 fire sides' event. I'm on Facebook if you are interested in staying in touch.

    Baha'i love


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