Special Events

newsij-orkney2  Occasionally, the Orkney Bahá'í community prepares special events, such as the recent 60th Anniversary celebratory meeting held to commemorate sixy years of the Baháí Faith in Orkney. At this event we were delighted to hear a presentation by local MP Alasdair Carmichael, a strong parlimentary friend of the Bahá'ís, as well as presentations by local Bahá'ís and visiting Bahá'ís on the history and activities of the Bahá'í community.

The photo on the left shows previous MP Jim Wallace adressing the 50th commemoration of the Baháí Faith in Orkney in 2004. Such gatherings enable the local community to celebrate and reflect on the changes not only in the Orkney Bahá'í community but in the world at large over the years, and how we can work to contribute to building a better society for all.

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