Public talks

36_snews_asbg4The Bahá'í Faith is a major world religion and as such embraces a wide sphere of teachings and principles which we feel are of relevance and interest to today's world. Because of this, the Orkney Bahá'í community is keen to encourage and promote public talks and presentations on a wide range of subjects which are relevant to a growing awareness of such issues  and to host such talks and meetings at our Bahá'í Centre in Kirkwall. Recent talks given in Orkney have covered such subjects as "Other Islands" (Working with Bahá'ísin Madagascar and Mauritius)(Jeremy and Carolyn Fox from Stirling),  "A trip to St Petersburg" (Robert Foden from Kirkwall), Politics – a Bahá'í Perspective (Andrew Goodwin from Inverurie).

Talks at the Bahá'í Centre are free and open to the public, and are announced in advance on this website and on our Facebook page, and sometimes in the local media.

If you have a talk or presentation you would like to offer to the public which is relevant to any of the Bahá'í principles and teachings, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to consider hosting and supporting your presentation. (Please be advised that we cannot support overt religious proselytizing, political canvassing or other activites that conflict with Bahá'í principles).

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